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Neo Cafe & Eatery

1509224 712432462134899 1215081615 n Luke Crawford Owner and Head Chef

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132 Willis Street
Wellington CBD


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"It was during my years working for a local coffee roasting company were I learned that 100's of billions of disposable coffee cups were making their way into landfills each year world wide. The scale of the issue has made me an advocate for alternative options to one use coffee cups. As a cafe owner I think it is important to move towards environmentally sustainable practices and to educate my staff and customers about waste reduction and the impact it has on the environment." - Owner Luke OUR PLEDGE We feel that our sustainability journey is one that is really interlinked with our customers and we want to be in alignment with their values. By mid 2019, we want to work with CC to understand what is really important to our customers, and what they want to see us doing more of, so that we can figure out together where we should be focussing our attention next. ABOUT US My main driver is for us to do our part as a business to preserve everything that we can in this world that is good for future generations. Everything that we do with our time has an impact so it’s important that we do everything we can to lessen the detrimental aspects of that. As I learn more about the impact that a business like this can have with waste and packaging the more positive choices I make.

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