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Our badges reflect 12 ethical business practices that make good business sense, respect people and the environment, and reflect current consumer preferences.

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Recycling gives valuable resources a second life. In New Zealand it is possible to recycle paper, plastics, glass, aluminium and tin.

Costs and Benefits

Every year we dump about 3.2 million tonnes of waste in NZ landfills, about a third of which could be recycled. Sending waste to landfill is bad for the environment because it produces leachates and emissions which pollute water ways, contribute to climate change and can make people sick. Recycling helps conserve resources and means less energy is required to produce new materials.

On average, a business will pay slightly less for the collection of of a comingled recycling bin than a general landfill waste bin. However, the bigger cost for a business is the time they need to invest in educating their staff to put the recyclables in the right bins; and ensuring the recyclables are not contaminated with food waste.

Accreditation Standards

To be awarded the badge, Retailers must:

Have systems in place to recycle all its glass, plastic, paper and cans that are recyclable in its region.

To be awarded the badge, Suppliers must:

Provide a product or service that assists hospitality retailers to recycle their:

  • recyclable glass, and/or
  • plastic graded 1 and 2 (preferably 3-7 as well), and/or
  • paper and/or cans.

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Celcius Cafe

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Celcius Cafe is the flagship cafe for our award winning, Lower Hutt based Celcius Coffee roastery. Just opened on Monday 31 May, we're the newest kids on the block and offer a unique dining experience. More info.

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measuring our impact

Recycling gives potentially valuable resources a second life, rather than throwing them into a landfill. Each year it is estimated that Conscious Consumer businesses divert

902,800 kilos of recyclables from landfill.