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Our vision is a global economic system that is socially and environmentally responsible

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Our mission and journey

Conscious Consumers is run by a registered charity based in Wellington. Our mission is to create a global marketplace for sustainable products and services, and develop innovative tools and services to connect participants in this market.

Our journey began in 2010 with the launch of our voluntary accreditation programme in Wellington, New Zealand. In 2012 we secured funding to ‘revamp’ our programme and have since established the New Zealand Conscious Consumers hospitality accreditation programme. We have over 300 business and 40,000 consumer members in the six main regions of New Zealand. Through our hospitality programme we are building the platform to grow and deliver on our mission.

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measuring our impact

Organic food is healthier because it is free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and antibiotics. Each year it is estimated that Conscious Consumer businesses spend

$1,101,700 on organic food and beverages.

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